POST 15. Kelli Matthews shares the pros and cons of social media

Kelli Matthews is a public relations professional. A University of Oregon PR instructor as well as the managing director at Verve Northwest Communications, Kelli know the ins and outs of social media. During a 20 minute interview, Kelli shares positive and negative traits of brands using social media as well as some of her predictions for the future. 

“Success can look different depending on what an organization is saying “this is what we want to accomplish.” I mean there could be brands doing absolutely phenomenal things according to their own measures and their own way that their wanting to approach social media. Which wouldn’t necessarily look exciting and stellar from the outside.”    – Kelli Matthews

Positive traits of brands using social media:

1. Being brave about trying new things like the Ford Fiesta Campaign.

2. Choosing to do product launches on Facebook rather than giant media buys.

3. Being able to energize a base of supporters to help spread a brands message beyond what it can say.

4. Having  smart social media managers who are able to handle crisis and are able to communicate through social media to build long term relationships, not just make splash campaigns.

5. Smartly using social media as a tool for recovery in sticky situations a good example is the mistweet by The American Red Cross.

Negative traits of brands using social media:

1. Small organizations that don’t have the budget to either develop or hire the expertise to help them figure out how to do it right.

2. Not keeping things up to date.

3. Not responding to people.

4. Not being willing to take chances and risks

5. Not being able to handle customer service issues (with social media  A LOT of it is customer service)

6. Embarrassing mis-tweets such as Chrysler’s f-bomb blunder.

7. Brands respond with copy (that sounds like boring copy) and miss their chance to form a relationship with a customer.

Kelli’s future predictions for social media:

1. There will be a narrowing down of the various social networks. People have limited time and attention spans, so if they’re going to choose a social network to spend their time at, it’s got to be unique. The social media must provide value and provide a reason for them to hang out there. Otherwise it won’t work. It will be survival of the fittest.

2. A surge in picture and visual sharing.

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Janae Fuston is a University of Oregon student who is just trying to improve upon herself as a writer/ photographer/ designer/ communicator. She hopes that the skills she has right now will someday bloom into something much (much) more.
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